October 13, 2017

Dear Old Adobe Community,

On Monday, October 16th, all Old Adobe Union Schools will continue to be closed, this will be a staff information day beginning at 8:30 a.m. at each school site.

Tentatively students will return to school on Tuesday, October 17th. This is subject to change depending on fire alerts and conditions that may develop over the weekend. 

Old Adobe Union School District welcomes students of displaced families who need a school to attend for as long as is needed. Bussing to and from nearby shelters will be possible if needed, and students will receive free meals during school hours while they are attending one of our schools. To register please come to Old Adobe Union School District Office, 845 Crinella Drive, or phone 707-765-4321. 

Our hearts go out to our colleagues, families and friends affected by the devastating fires in our area.  We are still assessing the needs of those directly impacted and will be working with all our district administrative staff to support those of you who may need our help.  This is a shocking event and it is important that we all pull together to comfort, support and be present for each other. I am in the District Office and will keep you updated throughout Friday and the weekend on school closure status for Monday, October 16th.  Take care of each other.

Craig Conte

Interim Superintendent

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Updated map showing fire areas:
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Emergency Pay Proceedures

Temporary Pay Procedures for Displaced Employees of Old Adobe Union School District


Old Adobe Union School District is offering salary advancement to its employees who have been displaced due the massive fire emergency here in Sonoma County. If you need immediate cash before the October 31st pay date, we will advance you up to $1000. We have set the following parameters for this process:


1. You must be an employee of Old Adobe School District. This means you are in a position with the district, not a substitute or a contractor.
2. You must be displaced due to the fire.
3. Please make your request, in writing, this could be either via email, or letter, and submit to the District Office, attention, Dawn Walker.

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