District Adopted Curriculum

Transitional Kindergarten

Math 2015     Bridges    The Math Learning Center

Language Arts 2012    Little Treasures   MacMillian/McGraw Hill 

Writing     Handwriting Without Tears        

Kindergarten-Grade 5

Math 2015     Bridges    The Math Learning Center

Language Arts 2012   California Treasures    MacMillian/McGraw Hill

Social Studies 2007  California Vistas   MacMillian/McGraw Hill

Science 2008    California Science    MacMillian/McGraw Hill

Writing 2014   Writing By Design   Education Consultants

Writing     Handwriting Without Tears

Sixth Grade

Math 2015    CPM Core Connections 1   CPM Educational Program 

Language Arts 2012   Treasures     McGraw-Hill

Social Studies 2007   California Vistas   MacMillian/McGraw Hill

Writing 2014   Writing By Design   Education Consultants

Science 2008    California Science    MacMillian/McGraw Hill


Parent Guides to the Common Core Standards

Kindergarten-English/Spanish         1st Grade-English/Spanish   

2nd Grade-English/Spanish             3rd Grade-English/Spanish

4th Grade-English/Spanish              5th Grade-English/Spanish      

6th Grade-English/Spanish




Curriculum Updates

Write Tools Professional Development Calendar

Write Tools Calendar--Miwok Valley, La Tercera, Loma Vista and Old Adobe Charter

PD and Assessment Calendar

2017/18 Professional Development and Assessment Calendar

Outdoor Education 2018



2017/18 Camp Navarro

Camp Information

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