2017/18 Outdoor Education

Camp Information

Important Camp Dates

Monday, 9/11/17 Camp Billing information sent to all schools

Wednesday, 1/17/18 Initial Camp Counselor Meeting—Sonoma Mtn. 7pm

Saturday, 2/24/18 Counselor Interviews—Sonoma Mtn. 9am—4pm

Wednesday, 3/14/18 Parent Information Night—Sonoma Mtn. 7pm

Friday 4/20/18 Counselor Training—Sonoma Mtn.  4-6 pm

Thursday 4/26/18 Luggage Loading—La Tercera  3-6 pm

Friday 4/27/18 Counselor Bus Loading---La Tercera 3:30-4:00 pm

Saturday 4/28/18 Student Bus Loading—La Tercera  2:00 pm

4/28—5/4/18 Camp Navarro Program Dates

Friday 5/4/18 Student Bus Return—Petaluma Community Center 1:00 pm

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