Dear Old Adobe Families,

We hope that you’ve enjoyed a wonderful summer break!  We have been busy this summer while you have been on vacation, but are eagerly looking forward to your arrival back on our campuses.

When you arrive at two of our 5 different schools, the first thing that you may notice is the new play structures at Sonoma Mountain and Old Adobe.  These new play structures are simply amazing to look at and will be even more wonderful to explore.  These two new structures mean that all our campuses now have modern and improved playground facilities for children as we have already completed installing new structures at Loma Vista, La Tercera and Miwok Valley recently.  We have also been working hard on finishing new portable buildings at Loma Vista.  We also have installed new portable buildings and are working on refurbishing existing spaces at Old Adobe.  Our district is growing and these buildings will help us meet the expanding need for new classroom space.  We were hoping to have these building ready by the start of school, but we have experienced the typical construction delays and are a few days behind schedule.  Our staff has prepared  some temporary classrooms for students in our existing spaces at these sites.  We ask for your patience and understanding as we will move students and teachers into these new and spacious classrooms as quickly as possible.  In addition to great classrooms and playground, our busy summer has also included construction projects that will add incredible tile mosaics to the Sonoma Mountain entrance area and a brand new running track at Old Adobe.  These projects are due to tremendous efforts by local artist Sueann Bettison Sher and a multi-year fundraising effort by the Old Adobe PTO.

Before students arrive on our campuses on Wednesday, August 16th, our teachers and classified staff will already have been hard at work. Besides preparing classrooms by hanging poster paper for bulletin boards and planning engaging lessons, our teachers have been demonstrating their commitment to lifelong learning by attending district professional development training focusing on Science, Language Arts and Math.  Our classified maintenance staff have  been busily cleaning and repairing facilities while our office staff organize mounds of student files and work on class lists.  It truly takes a dedicated and year-round district staff team to have our schools ready for students come Mid-August.  

We believe our district is special, and each year we go the extra mile to prove it. Our community, and our Board of Trustees, has made a commitment to educating the whole child. All of our students receive music, PE, and library time. Over the past couple of years we have made language arts and math a focus, and each school has developed a unique school theme. We challenge our students academically, support them socially, and provide encouragement and guidance to help them grow into the amazing future leaders we know they can be.  Parents are our partners in this work with active involvement in the classrooms and special events, as well as ongoing support for the school programs. We urge you to continue involvement, or jump in this coming year if time allows.

Don’t forget, school starts Wednesday, August 16th.  Please check our website at oldadobe.org and link to your specific school for school information and the school calendar.  We can’t wait to start our new year together!


Craig Conte

Interim Superintendent, Old Adobe Union School District


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Dear Old Adobe Union District Families,

We are writing to inform you that Dr. Jason Lustig Yamashiro is leaving his position as Superintendent in our district.  He is accepting the Superintendent’s position with the Dixie School District in Marin County.   

We want to acknowledge everything that has been accomplished under Jason’s administration.   We have articulated our curriculum to evolve with introduction of the Common Core.  We have actively integrated technology into our classrooms and refurbished facilities throughout the district.  We have deepened the theme focus at each of our unique campuses and reintroduced long lost programs like music, physical education and counseling district wide.  We have built more trusting relationships, creating healthier and more robust schools to serve the children of our district, thereby better serving our community at large.  Our district is growing again and the sentiment mirrors our core mission to help the children of Old Adobe Union learn and flourish. We have accomplished so much, and send Dr. Yamashiro off with many wishes of future success.

We remain committed to providing a high quality 21st century education for the students of this district and it is our pleasure to introduce you to the educator who will be charged to continue all of this work.  The Board of Trustees has agreed to a one year contract with Mr. Craig Conte to serve as our interim Superintendent for the coming school year.  We are excited about this opportunity because Mr. Conte has served as our Director of Curriculum for the past 4 years and has worked closely with our Superintendent on all of our initiatives.  Craig has supported all of our accomplishments to this day,

Craig brings 22 years of teaching experience, all here in our district.  He has served in two interim Principal positions, negotiated from both sides of the table for 18 years, and has served as Director of our much beloved Outdoor Education program for 20 years.  From the Curriculum position, Craig has managed the implementation of our student data system, common core based report cards, teacher led instructional adoption, and established technology training for students and teachers.  He has also managed documentation and reporting for many of our programs.

The Board of Trustees has confidence in Craig’s managerial ability and believe that his strong classroom foundation will help us continue building momentum in our district.  He has earned the respect of this Board and everyone within our district.  We look forward to a prosperous year and hope for many more to come.

With our regards and gratitude,

The Trustees of the Old Adobe Union School District

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Old Adobe Union Reading Challenge

Research suggests that a large amount of independent reading is one of the best ways to improve reading comprehension, vocabulary development, writing, and a love of reading. We want to support all students to read, read, read!

The Sonoma County Wine Weekend has provide a literacy grant to support independent reading in our district. Every school in Old Adobe Union can win this challenge. We will measure words using Accelerated Reader, a web based program designed to go hand in hand with independent reading.  After your child reads a book, she or he will take a quick quiz on Accelerated Reader. When the quiz is passed, it will record the number of words in the book. The program will keep track by student, class, and school. Our challenge to all our students is to read at every opportunity, learn new and varied vocabulary and explore different reading genres.  We will keep track of the words-you keep reading them!

Super Updates

August 16, 2017

The first day of school.  Nervous butterflies in the stomach.  New shoes on the feet.  Wondering about the new teacher and the other students we would meet.  Appologies to Dr. Suess, but the first days of school are always an exciting time for students and their families.  Today, I visited all of our five schools and saw many smiling and happy big and little people!  Our amazingly enthusiatic staff members were making sure that all students and parents felt welcome, safe and part of the Old Adobe family!  Thanks to all for a great 1st day with many more (179) great learning days ahead!

March 3, 2017

This week we wrapped up our first registration window and enrollment numbers were astounding. Over 280 Kindergarteners are already registered for 2017-2018!! Our office teams have done an exceptional job welcoming families, answering questions, following up on paperwork, and supporting this process. Our principals have led many a tour and have been singing the praises of their schools- and families like what they see. Registration, of course, continues all the way through the start of the school year so we don’t know for sure where the numbers will land, but it looks likely that we will have over 300 Kindergarteners and another full six classes of Transitional Kindergarten. This is a real tribute to all of the hard work in Old Adobe Union. Enjoy the weekend.

February 24, 2017

Our students learn every day, but sometimes, on a day to day basis it is hard to recognize just how much academic learning they are achieving until we look at it over a longer period of time. Each trimester we check on progress in a number of ways, including the computer based STAR reading and math tests at grades 1-6. Once again, our trimester gains have been stellar. A big congratulations to  students and teachers across the district.

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February 17, 2017

Valentine’s Day week is always fun. I appreciate the caring, love, and celebration within classroom communities during the week. My own son was a little sad this week when he realized that they might not celebrate it in the same way at middle school (no more valentines for the whole class, etc.). This week in classrooms I once again witnessed academic excitement, but I also noticed the kindness with which students treated each other.

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Tech Tips

Ed Tech Tip- Music

Music, please! For many different reasons it feels like we should strike up the band at the start of the school year, but in reality many of our students miss the music filled time of their summer. While music is a part of our program in Old Adobe Union, it is not the popular music or favorite music that students often listen to during the summer. Technology has completely changed the music landscape and opened up fun learning opportunities. The ideas that follow are not an exhaustive list, but hopefully can open the door to some new family activities that can make language and learning come alive through music.

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Ed Tech Tip - Library

 This past month I have had the pleasure of listening to a number of outstanding audiobooks while driving to and from work. The amazing thing is that I have not purchased any of them. Our library systems have been fairly aggressive at leveraging technology to get books in our hands using 21st Century technology. There are a few ways to use these services, but I recommend the following:

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