OAUSD is seeking proposals for Copiers at all of it's campuses. You can read more about this RFP here.

Just in time for Summer and hot of the presses is the schedule for EdCamp next year. Lets generate some hype!



Hey Everyone,


First of all, welcome back from vacation. It was a whirlwind start to the year and we are excited to release some handy new features and tools for you to use this year with your students.

Hey Everyone,

You can now sign into Chromebooks using your student's badges. The two included videos explore how to acquire your student's badges and how to use those badges to access their Chromebooks. These make it very easy to have your students sign into Chromebooks and Ipads in other classrooms. 

Chris Carter at La Tercera asked a wonderful question last week.


What do you see as our plan for replacing our current Chromebook fleet?  I've been noticing quite a few with track pads that are wearing out, (click functionality marginal at best on some machines) and there's some general heavy wear on many units. (cracked casings and scratched displays)  While the units aren't broken or beyond use, is this something for which we should submit a ticket as they approach their shelf life for IT to evaluate?  

Except for a small number of replacements we've received, the CBs we currently have deployed are approaching three years of use.  Do we have a target for use time before considering replacement?

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